HLE Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is authorized to use "U" Stamp symbol of ASME.
We also manufacture equipment adhering to CE standards

Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer:
  • We offer the largest range of RVPDs starting from a humble 25 litres to mammoth 60,000 Litres capacity and up to 150kW of power
  • Our agitator shaft has a paddle arrangement designed to transmit a uniform load to the drive assembly
  • Our agitator shaft has the highest heat transfer area per unit volume
  • We offer a range of designs:
    • Shaft mounted or skid mounted gearbox
    • Jacket or limpet coil heated
    • Steam, Water or Oil heated
    • Stuffing Box or Mechanical Seal
    • Optional lump breakers or choppers
  • We have a range of pharma models with cantilever type construction for clean room applications
  • We also offer pharma RVPDs with scrapper clearance of 1mm or less.
  • Our range of RVPDs covers extra heavy duty machines for specialized drying needs
  • Pilot plants in various MOCs for pharma applications and 'Continuous-Output' are available
  • We have more than 500 RVPD installations to date

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